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I purchased Writer Management Script package but now i need the whole package. Does that mean I will have to purchase the Client and Writer Management Script?

Absolutely Not!. The Writer Management Script (you currently have) is duly built to accomodate the intergtation of a client site. Remember that the Writer Management script is all about management of writers and assignments(created by the admin). The Writer and Client Management Script allows an additional site (client) to be intergated into the Writers/admin site so that clients can place orders through the client site. So you only need a Client Script. The documentation has the installation instructions about this.

I have tested the demo but don't see all funtionalities as stated in the Features page?

You are right. Some features are disabled in Demo mode mainly to disallow altering vital settings. Notably, any form of notifications via emails is not working in demo mode as the demo users emails are only accessible on our end – So you may not be getting the full picture. Actually the demo is just an overview. You may request for a live site demo. Call or email us on this.

I have or would like my own custom Order Page

Not a problem. We understand that as much as we have tried to have a standard script, some features may not be ideal to everbody. Actually, we have relied on our customers on a number of features. More so, it is an ongoing development and we guarantee periodic updates. The choices are not limited; You may hire a developer to work on the features which you wish to be included or we can do this on our end. Charges MAY apply depending on the complexities. Don’t hesitate.

I have a custom / CMS website already

Not a problem. This script can be integrated into custom made site  or  with  existing frameworks such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla